Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Booth Tutorial

:) Hi guys!  As promised, (even if it IS a day late...) here is my tutorial on how to build your very own photo booth!

Have I told you guys that I now have a middle schooler?  Well, it's true.  My sweet Jay is now moving on to the 5th grade!  I can't believe how time has flown!

So, for his 4th Grade Farewell day at the park, I decided to make a photobooth.  The theme of the Farewell was "Cowboy Carnival" so I was excited to be able to use some burlap and my awesome Pool Noodle wreath as part of the backdrop!

I had to try it out, you know?! ;)

I must say before I go on that I  am NOT a carpenter, nor do I know proper terminology and such. I just really like to build/make/create stuff! ;)

To start off with you will need some plywood.  I was lucky enough to have it donated to us since it was for school use.  I cut the plywood into three pieces.  Two pieces were 4ft tall by 4ft wide and the third piece was 4ft tall by 5ft wide.  I wanted it to be wide enough to fit several people as well as the chair and bench I planned on using.

Then, I laid the back piece (widest) down, and I attached the two side pieces with corner metal brackets using screws (nails won't hold like screws will), two on each joint, so a total of four.

Next, I added (two) 2x4s to the back piece on the interior of each joint for added security.  Again, I used screws NOT nails and drilled them in.  Once the 2x4s were added I was able to stand the piece up and it seemed more stable.

I added some screws to the back piece on the exterior to further stabilize it via the 2x4s.  AND GUESS WHAT, GUYS?! THAT WAS IT!

After that I simply primed and painted the exterior walls, and used my handy-dandy staple gun to attach some drop cloth to the interior, then added the burlap, again using the staple gun, and got to decorating!

 My silly boy posed with some props, as did the rest of the fourth grade student body and even some staff and parent volunteers!  We truly ENJOYED the booth!  I hope you will all make one for your next event or party, THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN!



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