Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Chalkish-finish Paint Recipe and Mod Podge!

So the other day, I decided to make my own Chalkish-finish Paint!  No, not ChalkBOARD paint...A Chalk Finish in Annie Sloan's chalky, GORGEOUS old world, Paris looking, $30 a quart Chalk Paint.  Though her paint is far superior to ANY other paint out there (except maybe Milk Paint), I just could not justify that price tag!

I pinned several recipes and decided to try the one that seemed the most logical to me.  It was THIS one from I heart Nap time.  :)  Though I did tweak it a bit, this recipe worked AMAZINGLY!

My first victim was this $2 thrift store tray, which in fact was a Crate and Barrel piece.  Score!  I actually really liked it as it was, but it just didn't fit my decor!

I decided to use some leftover flat paint samples I had from when we first painted our house.  I followed the directions on  Jamielyn's blog except that I only used a little more than 2 cups paint and a bit more water as well.

I then used the awesome transfer method that my sweet bloggy friend Carmella from Creative Carmella swears by AND BAM! It turned out AMAZINGLY!  The image was from The Graphics Fairy of course, and it was a vintage, french ad for chocolate! :)  I absolutely fell in love with the image when I saw it and knew it was perfect for the green tray! 

It distressed so nicely, and had that chalky, old world feel to it that I so desperately wanted!  When I was done making it pretty, I sealed the deal with some dark (Minwax brand) finishing wax to add to the vintage feel and to protect it of course.  Never skip this step, or you will find yourself frantically trying to get rid of stains that your 5yr old has managed to embed in the finish.  Isn't she lovely, y'all?

Je suis tres contente avec elle! <3


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  1. So pretty!! I am a sucker for homemade chalk paint too, I just can't seem to pay the money for Annie yet...maybe one day, but I'm afraid I'll like it too much! haha!

    1. ;) Hi pretty lady! You know, I had scheduled my post the same day yours popped up! haha! We keep doing the same thing craft-wise! From quotes, to methods, and all without planning or knowing! <3 Thank you for commenting, you know how happy I get! ;) <3 As for Annie, maybe when I get a wedding cupcake order! haha

  2. Bravo! It looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing your project. I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for visiting!

  3. J'adore!!! It's so cosy, pretty and chic!!!

    1. ;) MERCI! <3 heading over to your blog now! <3


  4. wow this is lovely. you could sell these... seriously!


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