Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Desk Space

Over the next few days, I will try and play catch up by posting some of the projects I've already done, pre-blog.  The first should be my desk space.  Since the kids and my hubby took over the finished basement with a playroom and an office, I have to make do with some space and a nook against a wall in my room.  I'm ok with this, really.  =/  

I must begin by saying, the desk was free, as it was left behind by the previous owner in the garage.  I don't have a before picture, since I didn't plan on blogging about it.  It was gross though, truly truly gross.  It had some water damage, cobwebs galore, and was stained a dark color that was scratched up and chipped everywhere.  The chair, was a $10 find at my favorite local antique shop.  (Sidenote: said antique shop has TWO FLOORS FULL OF INCREDIBLE PIECES! Also, the owner is this kind older gentleman that keeps selling me everything for five or ten dollars, when the price marked is at least 3 times that! BLISS!)  

I sanded both pieces, cleaned them thoroughly, primed them with some Kilz, then painted them with my favorite off white color by Behr.  Then I distressed both pieces slightly. Here is the chair before and the after: 

 I should comment on the reupholstered seat.  I am not a girly girl.  Lately, however, I've been trying to add soft feminine touches to my world.  I found this Michael Miller fabric on  Yes, I splurged on Michael Miller...I only needed one yard of it and the project was only $10 since I already had the primer and paint on hand! 

I added some batting (also left over from a previous project) to make the seat more cushioned and took out my trusty staple gun! In retrospect, I should've aligned the fabric a bit better as it was a very large Damask print...maybe someday I'll fix it, I still have over half a yard of fabric left! The desk had a peeling silver painted pull, it got the Krylon Metallics treatment!  Then both pieces got some spray polyurethane. Here is the desk and chair together! Yes, I know, I need to contain those wires! =/  I added some pretty thrift store mason jars and candy jars to contain my pencils and larger stamps and the chalkboard is a Dollar Tree wooden oval that I painted with some black chalk paint. 

I have to talk about the post cards with Parisian architecture!  I found them at an antique shop that was moving out of state for only 10cents each!  They are vintage watercolor post cards from the forties! Love them! I have three more framed ones in my formal living room! The shelf was given to me by my friend, I painted it the same color as the desk and chair.  Oh! The framed picture is me, on my wedding day, almost ten years ago! My mom in law is a phenomenal scrapbooker and created this page for me! :) I've added a few more things which I will post about another day! :) Total cost for the project was under $25!




  1. Great job! I love the fabric on the chair! It's so neat to see where everybody sits when we're all typing to each other!

  2. :) Thanks Natalie!! YAY! My first comment! And it's from you!!! :)


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