Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Party Season!

Ahhh yes, are home, time for sun, fun, water activities and of course, BIRTHDAY PARTIES! We celebrated my oldest son's birthday this weekend.  He wanted a Despicable Me party.  So, of course, I obliged. Here are some pictures! :)
The kids helped a great deal! The had a little assembly line going on! Chris made the "Squid Launchers" (found the idea and printable here), Andre helped with the party favor bags, and Carolyn helped with the poster board minions! (Even Duke cheered us on from his crate! haha) 
I made tutus for the girls' party favors, and we played a carnival game with a very large Nerf gun!  I had a large pretzel container sitting on my refrigerator that looked to be the very shape of a Minion! So I bought some Krylon Fusion paint, taped the container off, and went to town!  Then I had the kids make an eye for him, and we shot at him during the party!  The kids had a blast trying to knock it down, as well as the other empty soda bottles around it.  
We played "Capture the Moon" with some yellow balls, and ate some chocolate chip cookie robots! :) (Tutorial for my amazing chocolate chip cookies coming soon!) Overall, it was a wonderful time!!


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  1. They came out so cute!! Great job.
    Thanks for linking to my Organizing link party.

  2. :) Thanks Sandy!! Thanks for having such a great Link party!

  3. Looks like a great party!!! Where did yoi find the stuffed minions?


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